What do You Like The Most Between Oriental And Continental Food?

Ever wondered why is continental food called the continental food? Which continent follows it? What is Oriental food? How many times have you encountered restaurants serving continental food or oriental food?

These are the general questions the first timer when hears these styles would ask. Every cuisine has a different story to tell about its specialty, and all are available in India. There has been a lot of confusion as the oriental food, generally mistaken to be one. So read on as I give you the differences between them.

Continental is the phrase you might have majorly seen on restaurant banners online & offline as serving “Continental breakfast ” order food online now! or on Some ads by restaurants & kitchens like FreshMenu to find the best.

Food is something that is prepared in the continent of Europe, you can find Meditteranean and French platter. You won’t see Chinese or Indian style cuisine in this. The French, Italian and Spanish parts of Europe all do dishes which focus more on olive oil, wine, garlic and various herbs & spices. Even other western countries including nonidigenous cuisines of Australasia, Latin America, North America which derive substantial influence from European settlers refer to the continental cuisine hence this cuisine is a universal term.

Whereas Oriental food belongs to South East Asian countries which include Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese etc. Encompassing a wide range of culinary the oriental part covers the eastern part of Asia. The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia, and regions covering most of China is also included in the Orient cuisine. Oriental dishes uses apricot and dry plums, the dried ingredients, unlike the food.

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Continental dish uses a generous amount of spices and herbs like thyme rosemary etc while Oriental uses them very less. Sauces are used as a part of the dish in case of Oriental these kind of dishes they are used as condiments and seasoning. Dairy products form an important part of dishes. Hams, cold meats, pies, jam, bread & pastries are commonly served breakfast items in Continental cuisine.

The Cooking methods adopted by Continental cuisine are Baking, Grilling, Stewing and Roasting. The food made by stewing, roasting and grilling methods are low in calories and so have health benefits.

Some of the Gourmet Continental recipes that are widely popular and that which you should definitely try from places like FreshMenu that serve you authentic dishes are Black bean pizza, Lobster, A delight to the sweet lovers – Chocolate pudding with Tropical fruits. Just order food online from the authentic place whilst keeping the reviews in mind.

A complete diet routine has breakfast – the first meal of the day and the heaviest meal, Lunch – typically served between 1 pm to 3 pm, served lighter than breakfast, Evening snacks – a stomach filler like rolls or toast with hot or cold beverage and Supper/dinner – a light meal and the last meal of the day. If we observe this is the routine that most parts of the world follow and here in India also hence this is also called as Universal cuisine.

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